1. D72 Other disorders of white blood cells


    1. D72.0 Genetic anomalies of leukocytes

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Alder (granulation) (granulocyte) anomaly
      • Alder syndrome
      • Hereditary leukocytic hypersegmentation
      • Hereditary leukocytic hyposegmentation
      • Hereditary leukomelanopathy
      • May-Hegglin (granulation) (granulocyte) anomaly
      • May-Hegglin syndrome
      • Pelger-Huët (granulation) (granulocyte) anomaly
      • Pelger-Huët syndrome
    2. D72.1 Eosinophilia

      1. D72.10 Eosinophilia, unspecified

      2. D72.11 Hypereosinophilic syndrome [HES]

        • D72.110 Idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome [IHES]
        • D72.111 Lymphocytic Variant Hypereosinophilic Syndrome [LHES]

          Inclusion term(s):

          • Lymphocyte variant hypereosinophilia
        • D72.118 Other hypereosinophilic syndrome

          Inclusion term(s):

          • Episodic angioedema with eosinophilia
          • Gleich's syndrome
        • D72.119 Hypereosinophilic syndrome [HES], unspecified
      3. D72.12 Drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms syndrome

        Inclusion term(s):

        • DRESS syndrome
      4. D72.18 Eosinophilia in diseases classified elsewhere

      5. D72.19 Other eosinophilia

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Familial eosinophilia
        • Hereditary eosinophilia
    3. D72.8 Other specified disorders of white blood cells

      1. D72.81 Decreased white blood cell count

      2. D72.82 Elevated white blood cell count

      3. D72.89 Other specified disorders of white blood cells

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Abnormality of white blood cells NEC
    4. D72.9 Disorder of white blood cells, unspecified

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Abnormal leukocyte differential NOS
Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.