1. E66 Overweight and obesity

    Use additional code to identify body mass index (BMI), if known (Z68.-)


    • adiposogenital dystrophy (E23.6)
    • lipomatosis NOS (E88.2)
    • lipomatosis dolorosa [Dercum] (E88.2)
    • Prader-Willi syndrome (Q87.11)
    1. E66.0 Obesity due to excess calories

      1. E66.01 Morbid (severe) obesity due to excess calories

      2. E66.09 Other obesity due to excess calories

    2. E66.1 Drug-induced obesity

    3. E66.2 Morbid (severe) obesity with alveolar hypoventilation

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS)
      • Pickwickian syndrome
    4. E66.3 Overweight

    5. E66.8 Other obesity

    6. E66.9 Obesity, unspecified

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Obesity NOS
Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.