1. I45 Other conduction disorders

    1. I45.0 Right fascicular block

    2. I45.1 Other and unspecified right bundle-branch block

      1. I45.10 Unspecified right bundle-branch block

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Right bundle-branch block NOS
      2. I45.19 Other right bundle-branch block

    3. I45.2 Bifascicular block

    4. I45.3 Trifascicular block

    5. I45.4 Nonspecific intraventricular block

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Bundle-branch block NOS
    6. I45.5 Other specified heart block

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Sinoatrial block
      • Sinoauricular block
    7. I45.6 Pre-excitation syndrome

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Accelerated atrioventricular conduction
      • Accessory atrioventricular conduction
      • Anomalous atrioventricular excitation
      • Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome
      • Pre-excitation atrioventricular conduction
      • Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
    8. I45.8 Other specified conduction disorders

      1. I45.81 Long QT syndrome

      2. I45.89 Other specified conduction disorders

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Atrioventricular [AV] dissociation
        • Interference dissociation
        • Isorhythmic dissociation
        • Nonparoxysmal AV nodal tachycardia
    9. I45.9 Conduction disorder, unspecified

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Heart block NOS
      • Stokes-Adams syndrome
Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.