1. M25 Other joint disorder, not elsewhere classified


    • abnormality of gait and mobility (R26.-)
    • acquired deformities of limb (M20-M21)
    • calcification of bursa (M71.4-)
    • calcification of shoulder (joint) (M75.3)
    • calcification of tendon (M65.2-)
    • difficulty in walking (R26.2)
    • temporomandibular joint disorder (M26.6-)
    1. M25.0 Hemarthrosis

      1. M25.00 Hemarthrosis, unspecified joint

      2. M25.01 Hemarthrosis, shoulder

        • M25.011 Hemarthrosis, right shoulder
        • M25.012 Hemarthrosis, left shoulder
        • M25.019 Hemarthrosis, unspecified shoulder
      3. M25.02 Hemarthrosis, elbow

        • M25.021 Hemarthrosis, right elbow
        • M25.022 Hemarthrosis, left elbow
        • M25.029 Hemarthrosis, unspecified elbow
      4. M25.03 Hemarthrosis, wrist

        • M25.031 Hemarthrosis, right wrist
        • M25.032 Hemarthrosis, left wrist
        • M25.039 Hemarthrosis, unspecified wrist
      5. M25.04 Hemarthrosis, hand

        • M25.041 Hemarthrosis, right hand
        • M25.042 Hemarthrosis, left hand
        • M25.049 Hemarthrosis, unspecified hand
      6. M25.05 Hemarthrosis, hip

      7. M25.06 Hemarthrosis, knee

        • M25.061 Hemarthrosis, right knee
        • M25.062 Hemarthrosis, left knee
        • M25.069 Hemarthrosis, unspecified knee
      8. M25.07 Hemarthrosis, ankle and foot

        • M25.071 Hemarthrosis, right ankle
        • M25.072 Hemarthrosis, left ankle
        • M25.073 Hemarthrosis, unspecified ankle
        • M25.074 Hemarthrosis, right foot
        • M25.075 Hemarthrosis, left foot
        • M25.076 Hemarthrosis, unspecified foot
      9. M25.08 Hemarthrosis, other specified site

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Hemarthrosis, vertebrae
    2. M25.1 Fistula of joint

      1. M25.10 Fistula, unspecified joint

      2. M25.11 Fistula, shoulder

      3. M25.12 Fistula, elbow

      4. M25.13 Fistula, wrist

      5. M25.14 Fistula, hand

      6. M25.15 Fistula, hip

      7. M25.16 Fistula, knee

      8. M25.17 Fistula, ankle and foot

      9. M25.18 Fistula, other specified site

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Fistula, vertebrae
    3. M25.2 Flail joint

      1. M25.20 Flail joint, unspecified joint

      2. M25.21 Flail joint, shoulder

        • M25.211 Flail joint, right shoulder
        • M25.212 Flail joint, left shoulder
        • M25.219 Flail joint, unspecified shoulder
      3. M25.22 Flail joint, elbow

        • M25.221 Flail joint, right elbow
        • M25.222 Flail joint, left elbow
        • M25.229 Flail joint, unspecified elbow
      4. M25.23 Flail joint, wrist

        • M25.231 Flail joint, right wrist
        • M25.232 Flail joint, left wrist
        • M25.239 Flail joint, unspecified wrist
      5. M25.24 Flail joint, hand

      6. M25.25 Flail joint, hip

      7. M25.26 Flail joint, knee

      8. M25.27 Flail joint, ankle and foot

        • M25.271 Flail joint, right ankle and foot
        • M25.272 Flail joint, left ankle and foot
        • M25.279 Flail joint, unspecified ankle and foot
      9. M25.28 Flail joint, other site

    4. M25.3 Other instability of joint

      1. M25.30 Other instability, unspecified joint

      2. M25.31 Other instability, shoulder

        • M25.311 Other instability, right shoulder
        • M25.312 Other instability, left shoulder
        • M25.319 Other instability, unspecified shoulder
      3. M25.32 Other instability, elbow

        • M25.321 Other instability, right elbow
        • M25.322 Other instability, left elbow
        • M25.329 Other instability, unspecified elbow
      4. M25.33 Other instability, wrist

        • M25.331 Other instability, right wrist
        • M25.332 Other instability, left wrist
        • M25.339 Other instability, unspecified wrist
      5. M25.34 Other instability, hand

        • M25.341 Other instability, right hand
        • M25.342 Other instability, left hand
        • M25.349 Other instability, unspecified hand
      6. M25.35 Other instability, hip

        • M25.351 Other instability, right hip
        • M25.352 Other instability, left hip
        • M25.359 Other instability, unspecified hip
      7. M25.36 Other instability, knee

        • M25.361 Other instability, right knee
        • M25.362 Other instability, left knee
        • M25.369 Other instability, unspecified knee
      8. M25.37 Other instability, ankle and foot

        • M25.371 Other instability, right ankle
        • M25.372 Other instability, left ankle
        • M25.373 Other instability, unspecified ankle
        • M25.374 Other instability, right foot
        • M25.375 Other instability, left foot
        • M25.376 Other instability, unspecified foot
      9. M25.39 Other instability, other specified joint

    5. M25.4 Effusion of joint

      1. M25.40 Effusion, unspecified joint

      2. M25.41 Effusion, shoulder

        • M25.411 Effusion, right shoulder
        • M25.412 Effusion, left shoulder
        • M25.419 Effusion, unspecified shoulder
      3. M25.42 Effusion, elbow

      4. M25.43 Effusion, wrist

      5. M25.44 Effusion, hand

      6. M25.45 Effusion, hip

      7. M25.46 Effusion, knee

      8. M25.47 Effusion, ankle and foot

      9. M25.48 Effusion, other site

    6. M25.5 Pain in joint

      1. M25.50 Pain in unspecified joint

      2. M25.51 Pain in shoulder

      3. M25.52 Pain in elbow

      4. M25.53 Pain in wrist

      5. M25.54 Pain in joints of hand

      6. M25.55 Pain in hip

      7. M25.56 Pain in knee

      8. M25.57 Pain in ankle and joints of foot

        • M25.571 Pain in right ankle and joints of right foot
        • M25.572 Pain in left ankle and joints of left foot
        • M25.579 Pain in unspecified ankle and joints of unspecified foot
      9. M25.59 Pain in other specified joint

    7. M25.6 Stiffness of joint, not elsewhere classified

      1. M25.60 Stiffness of unspecified joint, not elsewhere classified

      2. M25.61 Stiffness of shoulder, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.611 Stiffness of right shoulder, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.612 Stiffness of left shoulder, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.619 Stiffness of unspecified shoulder, not elsewhere classified
      3. M25.62 Stiffness of elbow, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.621 Stiffness of right elbow, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.622 Stiffness of left elbow, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.629 Stiffness of unspecified elbow, not elsewhere classified
      4. M25.63 Stiffness of wrist, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.631 Stiffness of right wrist, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.632 Stiffness of left wrist, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.639 Stiffness of unspecified wrist, not elsewhere classified
      5. M25.64 Stiffness of hand, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.641 Stiffness of right hand, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.642 Stiffness of left hand, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.649 Stiffness of unspecified hand, not elsewhere classified
      6. M25.65 Stiffness of hip, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.651 Stiffness of right hip, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.652 Stiffness of left hip, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.659 Stiffness of unspecified hip, not elsewhere classified
      7. M25.66 Stiffness of knee, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.661 Stiffness of right knee, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.662 Stiffness of left knee, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.669 Stiffness of unspecified knee, not elsewhere classified
      8. M25.67 Stiffness of ankle and foot, not elsewhere classified

        • M25.671 Stiffness of right ankle, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.672 Stiffness of left ankle, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.673 Stiffness of unspecified ankle, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.674 Stiffness of right foot, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.675 Stiffness of left foot, not elsewhere classified
        • M25.676 Stiffness of unspecified foot, not elsewhere classified
      9. M25.69 Stiffness of other specified joint, not elsewhere classified

    8. M25.7 Osteophyte

      1. M25.70 Osteophyte, unspecified joint

      2. M25.71 Osteophyte, shoulder

        • M25.711 Osteophyte, right shoulder
        • M25.712 Osteophyte, left shoulder
        • M25.719 Osteophyte, unspecified shoulder
      3. M25.72 Osteophyte, elbow

      4. M25.73 Osteophyte, wrist

      5. M25.74 Osteophyte, hand

      6. M25.75 Osteophyte, hip

      7. M25.76 Osteophyte, knee

      8. M25.77 Osteophyte, ankle and foot

      9. M25.78 Osteophyte, vertebrae

    9. M25.8 Other specified joint disorders

      1. M25.80 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified joint

      2. M25.81 Other specified joint disorders, shoulder

        • M25.811 Other specified joint disorders, right shoulder
        • M25.812 Other specified joint disorders, left shoulder
        • M25.819 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified shoulder
      3. M25.82 Other specified joint disorders, elbow

        • M25.821 Other specified joint disorders, right elbow
        • M25.822 Other specified joint disorders, left elbow
        • M25.829 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified elbow
      4. M25.83 Other specified joint disorders, wrist

        • M25.831 Other specified joint disorders, right wrist
        • M25.832 Other specified joint disorders, left wrist
        • M25.839 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified wrist
      5. M25.84 Other specified joint disorders, hand

        • M25.841 Other specified joint disorders, right hand
        • M25.842 Other specified joint disorders, left hand
        • M25.849 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified hand
      6. M25.85 Other specified joint disorders, hip

        • M25.851 Other specified joint disorders, right hip
        • M25.852 Other specified joint disorders, left hip
        • M25.859 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified hip
      7. M25.86 Other specified joint disorders, knee

        • M25.861 Other specified joint disorders, right knee
        • M25.862 Other specified joint disorders, left knee
        • M25.869 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified knee
      8. M25.87 Other specified joint disorders, ankle and foot

        • M25.871 Other specified joint disorders, right ankle and foot
        • M25.872 Other specified joint disorders, left ankle and foot
        • M25.879 Other specified joint disorders, unspecified ankle and foot
    10. M25.9 Joint disorder, unspecified

Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.