1. O43 Placental disorders


    • maternal care for poor fetal growth due to placental insufficiency (O36.5-)
    • placenta previa (O44.-)
    • placental polyp (O90.89)
    • placentitis (O41.14-)
    • premature separation of placenta [abruptio placentae] (O45.-)
    1. O43.0 Placental transfusion syndromes

      1. O43.01 Fetomaternal placental transfusion syndrome

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Maternofetal placental transfusion syndrome
        • O43.011 Fetomaternal placental transfusion syndrome, first trimester
        • O43.012 Fetomaternal placental transfusion syndrome, second trimester
        • O43.013 Fetomaternal placental transfusion syndrome, third trimester
        • O43.019 Fetomaternal placental transfusion syndrome, unspecified trimester
      2. O43.02 Fetus-to-fetus placental transfusion syndrome

        • O43.021 Fetus-to-fetus placental transfusion syndrome, first trimester
        • O43.022 Fetus-to-fetus placental transfusion syndrome, second trimester
        • O43.023 Fetus-to-fetus placental transfusion syndrome, third trimester
        • O43.029 Fetus-to-fetus placental transfusion syndrome, unspecified trimester
    2. O43.1 Malformation of placenta

      1. O43.10 Malformation of placenta, unspecified

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Abnormal placenta NOS
        • O43.101 Malformation of placenta, unspecified, first trimester
        • O43.102 Malformation of placenta, unspecified, second trimester
        • O43.103 Malformation of placenta, unspecified, third trimester
        • O43.109 Malformation of placenta, unspecified, unspecified trimester
      2. O43.11 Circumvallate placenta

        • O43.111 Circumvallate placenta, first trimester
        • O43.112 Circumvallate placenta, second trimester
        • O43.113 Circumvallate placenta, third trimester
        • O43.119 Circumvallate placenta, unspecified trimester
      3. O43.12 Velamentous insertion of umbilical cord

        • O43.121 Velamentous insertion of umbilical cord, first trimester
        • O43.122 Velamentous insertion of umbilical cord, second trimester
        • O43.123 Velamentous insertion of umbilical cord, third trimester
        • O43.129 Velamentous insertion of umbilical cord, unspecified trimester
      4. O43.19 Other malformation of placenta

        • O43.191 Other malformation of placenta, first trimester
        • O43.192 Other malformation of placenta, second trimester
        • O43.193 Other malformation of placenta, third trimester
        • O43.199 Other malformation of placenta, unspecified trimester
    3. O43.2 Morbidly adherent placenta

      1. O43.21 Placenta accreta

        • O43.211 Placenta accreta, first trimester
        • O43.212 Placenta accreta, second trimester
        • O43.213 Placenta accreta, third trimester
        • O43.219 Placenta accreta, unspecified trimester
      2. O43.22 Placenta increta

        • O43.221 Placenta increta, first trimester
        • O43.222 Placenta increta, second trimester
        • O43.223 Placenta increta, third trimester
        • O43.229 Placenta increta, unspecified trimester
      3. O43.23 Placenta percreta

        • O43.231 Placenta percreta, first trimester
        • O43.232 Placenta percreta, second trimester
        • O43.233 Placenta percreta, third trimester
        • O43.239 Placenta percreta, unspecified trimester
    4. O43.8 Other placental disorders

      1. O43.81 Placental infarction

        • O43.811 Placental infarction, first trimester
        • O43.812 Placental infarction, second trimester
        • O43.813 Placental infarction, third trimester
        • O43.819 Placental infarction, unspecified trimester
      2. O43.89 Other placental disorders

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Placental dysfunction
        • O43.891 Other placental disorders, first trimester
        • O43.892 Other placental disorders, second trimester
        • O43.893 Other placental disorders, third trimester
        • O43.899 Other placental disorders, unspecified trimester
    5. O43.9 Unspecified placental disorder

      1. O43.90 Unspecified placental disorder, unspecified trimester

      2. O43.91 Unspecified placental disorder, first trimester

      3. O43.92 Unspecified placental disorder, second trimester

      4. O43.93 Unspecified placental disorder, third trimester

Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.