• androgen insensitivity syndrome (E34.5-)
  • syndromes associated with anomalies in the number and form of chromosomes (Q90-Q99)
  1. Q52 Other congenital malformations of female genitalia

    1. Q52.0 Congenital absence of vagina

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Vaginal agenesis, total or partial
    2. Q52.1 Doubling of vagina

      1. Q52.10 Doubling of vagina, unspecified

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Septate vagina NOS
      2. Q52.11 Transverse vaginal septum

      3. Q52.12 Longitudinal vaginal septum

        • Q52.120 Longitudinal vaginal septum, nonobstructing
        • Q52.121 Longitudinal vaginal septum, obstructing, right side
        • Q52.122 Longitudinal vaginal septum, obstructing, left side
        • Q52.123 Longitudinal vaginal septum, microperforate, right side
        • Q52.124 Longitudinal vaginal septum, microperforate, left side
        • Q52.129 Other and unspecified longitudinal vaginal septum
    3. Q52.2 Congenital rectovaginal fistula

    4. Q52.3 Imperforate hymen

    5. Q52.4 Other congenital malformations of vagina

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Canal of Nuck cyst, congenital
      • Congenital malformation of vagina NOS
      • Embryonic vaginal cyst
      • Gartner's duct cyst
    6. Q52.5 Fusion of labia

    7. Q52.6 Congenital malformation of clitoris

    8. Q52.7 Other and unspecified congenital malformations of vulva

      1. Q52.70 Unspecified congenital malformations of vulva

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Congenital malformation of vulva NOS
      2. Q52.71 Congenital absence of vulva

      3. Q52.79 Other congenital malformations of vulva

        Inclusion term(s):

        • Congenital cyst of vulva
    9. Q52.8 Other specified congenital malformations of female genitalia

    10. Q52.9 Congenital malformation of female genitalia, unspecified

Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.