ICD-10 Code
International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision
Feb 23, 2019

See: Viral and prion infections of the central nervous system

  • specified viral encephalomyelitis NEC
  • specified viral meningoencephalitis NEC
  • benign myalgic encephalomyelitis (G93.3)
  • encephalitis due to cytomegalovirus (B25.8)
  • encephalitis due to herpesvirus [herpes simplex] (B00.4)
  • encephalitis due to herpesvirus NEC (B10.0-)
  • encephalitis due to measles virus (B05.0)
  • encephalitis due to mumps virus (B26.2)
  • encephalitis due to poliomyelitis virus (A80.-)
  • encephalitis due to zoster (B02.0)
  • lymphocytic choriomeningitis (A87.2)
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