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International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision
Apr 23, 2019

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“A” Terms — Abdominal aortic plexus to Acromion (process)

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  • Abdominal aortic plexus

    use Abdominal Sympathetic Nerve
  • Abdominal esophagus

    use Esophagus, Lower
  • Abdominohysterectomy

    see Resection, Uterus 0UT9
  • Abdominoplasty

    • see Alteration, Abdominal Wall 0W0F
    • see Repair, Abdominal Wall 0WQF
    • see Supplement, Abdominal Wall 0WUF
  • Abductor hallucis muscle

    • use Foot Muscle, Right
    • use Foot Muscle, Left
  • AbioCor(R) Total Replacement Heart

    use Synthetic Substitute
  • Ablation

    see Destruction
  • Abortion

  • Abrasion

    see Extraction
  • Absolute Pro Vascular (OTW) Self-Expanding Stent System

    use Intraluminal Device
  • Accessory cephalic vein

    • use Cephalic Vein, Right
    • use Cephalic Vein, Left
  • Accessory obturator nerve

    use Lumbar Plexus
  • Accessory phrenic nerve

    use Phrenic Nerve
  • Accessory spleen

    use Spleen
  • Acculink (RX) Carotid Stent System

    use Intraluminal Device
  • Acellular Hydrated Dermis

    use Nonautologous Tissue Substitute
  • Acetabular cup

    use Liner in Lower Joints
  • Acetabulectomy

  • Acetabulofemoral joint

    • use Hip Joint, Right
    • use Hip Joint, Left
  • Acetabuloplasty

  • Achilles tendon

    • use Lower Leg Tendon, Right
    • use Lower Leg Tendon, Left
  • Achillorrhaphy

    see Repair, Tendons 0LQ
  • Achillotenotomy, achillotomy

  • Acromioclavicular ligament

    • use Shoulder Bursa and Ligament, Right
    • use Shoulder Bursa and Ligament, Left
  • Acromion (process)

    • use Scapula, Right
    • use Scapula, Left
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When ICD 10 was implemented on October 1, 2015, it did not affect physicians', outpatient facilities', and hospital outpatient departments' use of CPT codes on Medicare Fee-For-Service claims. Providers should continue to use CPT codes to report these services.