ICD-10 Code
International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision
Apr 23, 2019

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“J” Terms — Jejunal artery to Jugular lymph node

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  • Jejunal artery

    use Superior Mesenteric Artery
  • Jejunectomy

    • see Excision, Jejunum 0DBA
    • see Resection, Jejunum 0DTA
  • Jejunocolostomy

  • Jejunopexy

    • see Repair, Jejunum 0DQA
    • see Reposition, Jejunum 0DSA
  • Jejunostomy

    • see Bypass, Jejunum 0D1A
    • see Drainage, Jejunum 0D9A
  • Jejunotomy

    see Drainage, Jejunum 0D9A
  • Joint fixation plate

    • use Internal Fixation Device in Upper Joints
    • use Internal Fixation Device in Lower Joints
  • Joint liner (insert)

    use Liner in Lower Joints
  • Joint spacer (antibiotic)

    • use Spacer in Upper Joints
    • use Spacer in Lower Joints
  • Jugular body

    use Glomus Jugulare
  • Jugular lymph node

    • use Lymphatic, Right Neck
    • use Lymphatic, Left Neck
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When ICD 10 was implemented on October 1, 2015, it did not affect physicians', outpatient facilities', and hospital outpatient departments' use of CPT codes on Medicare Fee-For-Service claims. Providers should continue to use CPT codes to report these services.