1. T76 Adult and child abuse, neglect and other maltreatment, suspected

    1. T76.0 Neglect or abandonment, suspected

      1. T76.01 Adult neglect or abandonment, suspected

      2. T76.02 Child neglect or abandonment, suspected

    2. T76.1 Physical abuse, suspected

      1. T76.11 Adult physical abuse, suspected

      2. T76.12 Child physical abuse, suspected

    3. T76.2 Sexual abuse, suspected

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Rape, suspected
      1. T76.21 Adult sexual abuse, suspected

      2. T76.22 Child sexual abuse, suspected

    4. T76.3 Psychological abuse, suspected

      Inclusion term(s):

      • Bullying and intimidation, suspected
      • Intimidation through social media, suspected
      1. T76.31 Adult psychological abuse, suspected

      2. T76.32 Child psychological abuse, suspected

    5. T76.5 Forced sexual exploitation, suspected

      1. T76.51 Adult forced sexual exploitation, suspected

      2. T76.52 Child sexual exploitation, suspected

    6. T76.6 Forced labor exploitation, suspected

      1. T76.61 Adult forced labor exploitation, suspected

      2. T76.62 Child forced labor exploitation, suspected

    7. T76.9 Unspecified maltreatment, suspected

      1. T76.91 Unspecified adult maltreatment, suspected

      2. T76.92 Unspecified child maltreatment, suspected

Abbreviations used here:

NEC Not elsewhere classifiable
This abbreviation in the Tabular List represents “other specified”. When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Tabular List includes an NEC entry under a code to identify the code as the “other specified” code.

NOS Not otherwise specified
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.