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  • Encounter

    (with health service) (for) Z76.89
    • adjustment and management (of)
      • breast implant Z45.81
      • implanted device NEC Z45.89
      • myringotomy device (stent) (tube) Z45.82
      • neurostimulator (brain) (gastric) (peripheral nerve) (sacral nerve) (spinal cord) (vagus nerve) Z45.42
    • administrative purpose only Z02.9
    • aftercare see Aftercare
    • antenatal screening Z36.9
      • cervical length Z36.86
      • chromosomal anomalies Z36.0
      • congenital cardiac abnormalities Z36.83
      • elevated maternal serum alphafetoprotein level Z36.1
      • fetal growth retardation Z36.4
      • fetal lung maturity Z36.84
      • fetal macrosomia Z36.88
      • hydrops fetalis Z36.81
      • intrauterine growth restriction/small-for-dates (IUGR) Z36.4
      • isoimmunization Z36.5
      • large-for-dates Z36.88
      • malformations Z36.3
      • non-visualized anatomy on a previous scan Z36.2
      • nuchal translucency Z36.82
      • raised alphafetoprotein level Z36.1
      • risk of pre-term labor Z36.86
      • specified type NEC Z36.89
      • specified follow-up NEC Z36.2
      • specified genetic defects NEC Z36.8A
      • Streptococcus B Z36.85
      • suspected anomaly Z36.3
      • uncertain dates Z36.87
    • assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle Z31.83
    • blood typing Z01.83
    • breast augmentation or reduction Z41.1
    • breast implant exchange (different material) (different size) Z45.81
    • breast reconstruction following mastectomy Z42.1
    • check-up see Examination
    • chemotherapy for neoplasm Z51.11
    • child welfare screening exam Z02.84
    • colonoscopy, screening Z12.11
    • counseling see Counseling
    • delivery, full-term, uncomplicated O80
      • cesarean, without indication O82
    • desensitization to allergens Z51.6
    • ear piercing Z41.3
    • examination see Examination
    • expectant parent pre-birth pediatrician visit (s) (adoptive) Z76.81
    • fertility preservation procedure (prior to cancer therapy) (prior to removal of gonads) Z31.84
    • fitting (of) see Fitting (and adjustment) (of)
    • genetic
    • hearing conservation and treatment Z01.12
    • HIV
    • immunotherapy for neoplasm Z51.12
    • in vitro fertilization cycle Z31.83
    • instruction (in)
      • childbirth Z32.2
      • child care (postpartal) (prenatal) Z32.3
      • natural family planning
    • insulin pump titration Z46.81
    • joint prosthesis insertion following prior explantation of joint prosthesis (staged procedure)
    • laboratory (as part of a general medical examination) Z00.00
      • with abnormal findings Z00.01
    • mental health services (for)
    • observation (for) (ruled out)
      • alarm, without findings
      • condition suspected related to home physiologic monitoring device Z03.83
        • newborn Z05.81
          • apnea alarm Z05.81
          • bradycardia alarm Z05.81
          • malfunction of home cardiorespiratory monitor Z05.81
          • non-specific findings home physiologic monitoring device Z05.81
          • pulse oximeter alarm without findings Z05.81
      • exposure to (suspected)
      • malfunction of home cardiorespiratory monitor Z03.83
      • non-specific findings home physiologic monitoring device Z03.83
    • pediatrician visit, by expectant parent (s) (adoptive) Z76.81
    • placental sample (taken vaginally) Z36.9 see also Encounter, antenatal screening
    • plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury NEC Z42.8
    • postoperative see Aftercare
    • pregnancy
    • procreative management and counseling for gestational carrier Z31.7
    • prophylactic measures Z29.9
      • antivenin Z29.12
      • fluoride administration Z29.3
      • HIV pre-exposure Z29.81
      • immunotherapy for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Z29.11
      • rabies immune globin Z29.14
      • Rho immune globulin (D) Z29.13
      • specified NEC Z29.89
    • radiation therapy (antineoplastic) Z51.0
    • radiological (as part of a general medical examination) Z00.00
      • with abnormal findings Z00.01
    • reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury NEC Z42.8
    • removal (of) see also Removal
    • repeat cervical smear to confirm findings of recent normal smear following initial abnormal smear Z01.42
    • respirator [ventilator] use during power failure Z99.12
    • Rh typing Z01.83
    • screening see Screening
    • specified NEC Z76.89
    • sterilization Z30.2
    • suspected condition, ruled out
    • suspected exposure, ruled out (to)
    • termination of pregnancy, elective Z33.2
    • testing see Test
    • therapeutic drug level monitoring Z51.81
    • titration, insulin pump Z46.81
    • to determine fetal viability of pregnancy O36.80
    • training
    • X-ray of chest (as part of a general medical examination) Z00.00
      • with abnormal findings Z00.01

ICD-10 Code Lookup

Find the disease or condition using the Alphabetic Index displayed on this page. Select the associated ICD-10 code to view any special notations from the Tabular List.

In addition to the notes in the Tabular List, these conditions also have a specific Alphabetic Index entry structure. In the Alphabetic Index both conditions are listed together with the etiology code first followed by the manifestation codes in brackets. The code in brackets is always to be sequenced second.

Abbreviations used here:

NEC “Not elsewhere classifiable”
This abbreviation in the Alphabetic Index represents “other specified.” When a specific code is not available for a condition, the Alphabetic Index directs the coder to the “other specified” code in the Tabular List.

NOS “Not otherwise specified”
This abbreviation is the equivalent of unspecified.