The 3rd character refers to the root operation or the objective of the procedure.

Cardiovascular System

  • X2A - Assistance

    Taking over a portion of a physiological function by extracorporeal means

  • X2K - Bypass

    Altering the route of passage of the contents of a tubular body part

  • X27 - Dilation

    Expanding an orifice or the lumen of a tubular body part — The orifice can be a natural orifice or an artificially created orifice. Accomplished by stretching a tubular body part using intraluminal pressure or by cutting part of the orifice or wall of the tubular body part

  • X2C - Extirpation

    Taking or cutting out solid matter from a body part — The solid matter may be an abnormal byproduct of a biological function or a foreign body; it may be imbedded in a body part or in the lumen of a tubular body part. The solid matter may or may not have been previously broken into pieces

  • X2J - Inspection

    Visually and/or manually exploring a body part

  • X2R - Replacement

    Putting in or on biological or synthetic material that physically takes the place and/or function of all or a portion of a body part

  • X2V - Restriction

    Partially closing an orifice or the lumen of a tubular body part