Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebellar Ataxia

Principal Diagnosis - Pdx

  • G11.0 Congenital nonprogressive ataxia
  • G11.10 Early-onset cerebellar ataxia, unspecified
  • G11.11 Friedreich ataxia
  • G11.19 Other early-onset cerebellar ataxia
  • G11.2 Late-onset cerebellar ataxia
  • G11.3 Cerebellar ataxia with defective DNA repair
  • G11.4 Hereditary spastic paraplegia
  • G11.8 Other hereditary ataxias
  • G11.9 Hereditary ataxia, unspecified
  • G32.81 Cerebellar ataxia in diseases classified elsewhere
  • G35 Multiple sclerosis
  • G36.0 Neuromyelitis optica [Devic]
  • G36.1 Acute and subacute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis [Hurst]
  • G36.8 Other specified acute disseminated demyelination
  • G36.9 Acute disseminated demyelination, unspecified
  • G37.0 Diffuse sclerosis of central nervous system
  • G37.1 Central demyelination of corpus callosum
  • G37.2 Central pontine myelinolysis
  • G37.5 Concentric sclerosis [Balo] of central nervous system
  • G37.8 Other specified demyelinating diseases of central nervous system
  • G37.9 Demyelinating disease of central nervous system, unspecified

Operating / Non-Operating Room Procedures

There are no procedure / surgical codes for MS-DRG 058